Software & Hi-Tech

When companies come to us, they want answers…answers to tough real world questions that they can’t answer themselves. Through consulting, we provide our clients with IT solutions for the way the world works.


We are dedicated to helping our clients become stronger competitors, and helping our consultants become strong leaders, capable of managing a modern global business. We stand for straightforwardness, candid dialogue and for delivering more than we promise. We believe in on-site business consulting, backed by impeccably high quality, low cost remote implementation. We are so confident that we can make clients more competitive, we will do something no consulting firm has done before: we will guarantee it

The way we run our business:

Eliminate unproductive overhead (offices, partners, etc.) Run a flat, non hierarchical firm Connect every single technical task to how it improves client competitiveness Move the work to best worker for the job, regardless of location.
Maintain total project transparency- eliminate unneeded surprises.


Are the highest performers from consulting firms and industry
Have entrepreneurial spirit and a deep desire to build a better model of consulting Are passionate about helping companies become more competitive
Are confident but not arrogant Demonstrate fairness and good sportsmanship
Have positive, optimistic, can-do attitudes Have Sense of humor.


Resolving Growing User Support Demands

For a global software provider, we supplied the people and skills to handle lower-priority application support requests among its roughly 7,000 end users around the world. Our client accomplished this by establishing an SLA guaranteed to resolve 90% of support issues within seven days, thanks to planning and reporting tool that helps IT service managers cross-train team members and generate reports.